NINA SPLITT color design

is an interior design firm specializing in creating interior environments
that are clean, uncluttered, modern and innovative.  We combine
texture, color and design to enhance the architecture and capture
the essence of each project.  

While our main focus is residential, we are skillful in color consultation
and have collaborated on several commercial projects.  We appreciate
working with many different clients and foster an interactive approach.
We welcome new ideas, suggestions, and believe in exploration.

We are proponents of utilizing environmentally friendly products
while combining natural materials and furnishings with an eclectic
eye.  Lighting, materials and space planning are combined to
create a unique interior narrative.

                                                     B A L A N C E    P R O P O R T I O N   A N D    C O N T I N U I T Y
                                                                          are integral in establishing a harmonious space

                                                                                                C O L O R    L I N E    A N D    F O R M
                                                                                                       comprise a cohesive story
c o Lo r  d e s i g n